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PECO Construction Updates - Feb 2021

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Planned interruption – PECO will be conducting a planned interruption affecting 400 N 13th St and Café Lift on February 25th at 11:00 pm and ending on February 26th at 5:00 am. Affected property owners have been informed via mail, but with the USPS delays, PECO is sending a broader message.

Trees on Hamilton St – In order to complete the work on Hamilton St and to also trim back some vegetation that currently resides close to our power lines, PECO will be working with Philadelphia Parks & Rec to trim the trees back on Hamilton St. This will allow them to safely bring equipment in and out of the work area.

Conduit temporarily placed on Noble St and 12th St – PECO received word that the community was concerned with the placement of some conduit at the SW corner of Noble and 12th St. PECO ultimately came to the conclusion of placing the bundles of conduit there because they have run out of room in the closed section of Noble St. Furthermore, this conduit will be installed underground within the next few weeks on Hamilton St. The conduit is currently not obstructing any vehicular traffic and we have also left a 2 foot space for pedestrian traffic. As time goes on in the next few weeks, those bundles will continue to dwindle as they progress with the work on Hamilton St.

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