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May 18 PA Primary: Everything You Need to Know

The WeVote 2021 Primary Election FAQ page has the information you need to make sure your vote counts!

The 2021 Primary Election is on May 18th and the Committee of Seventy ( has all the answers you'll need when it comes to the upcoming primary. How do I vote-by-mail? What is the voter registration deadline (May 3rd)? and more! Check out their site to learn everything you need to know to successfully cast your ballot.

For Philadelphians: Register to vote, apply for, vote, and return your mail-in ballot at City Hall, and drop off your ballot at these 14 locations.

For All of PA: Discover your county's options for registering to vote by May 3rd, voting by mail, dropping off your ballot and more here.


The Committee of Seventy's Voter Guide is a popular, trusted source for nonpartisan information about the candidates on every Pennsylvanian’s ballot, review your rights and responsibilities as a voter; learn how to register to vote or check your registration; and includes our BYOBallot - a platform that allows you to put in your address and receive your customized ballot, review the candidates, make your picks, and if you’d like, share with others.

Have a question not featured on their site? Send an email to

Be sure to vote on May 18th - it matters!

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